Coin Collector Update Release Log

March 19 2022, Update 1.3.2 (Beta 1.4):

– “set file permissions” command directly in listener code and framework code

– Fix Listener missing signals

– Framework checks if user gets Premium Features

– PREMIUM FEATURE DCA Loss Multiplier Expander

– PREMIUM FEATURE Stop trading after auto sell all

If you have at least $50 of XLCR in your Verified Wallet, your bot will automatically be eligible for the Premium Features!


Telegram Signal Listener Patch

– Telegram Signals Listener now clears the sell file if no signals have been received for 5 minutes (Should fix the instant sell problem)


Update 1.3.1 (Current DigitalOcean Marketplace version)

– Framework fixes and mods
– Alerts Companion bug fixes
– Telegram Signals Listener bug fixes


Update 1.3

– Average Buy Price to 4th decimal instead of 2nd
– Auto Sell-All now can be turned On or Off
– Add graph to Alerts Companion
– Remember page size for Interface lists
– DCA Loss Multiplier!!!
– Interface login page now says the word interface instead of dashboard
– Amount fixer is just a button now
– Show on Interface which processes are running
– Console button menu forces a scroll bar to appear
– Easy access to multiple Droplets
– Popup window for Company Messages about News and Updates
– New Interface section – Show number of complete trades per coin per timeframe
– New Interface section – Show profit from complete trades per coin per timeframe
– Fix Buy Coins button
– Amount fixer times no longer negative
– Signal listener can send independent signals for Start, DCA, and NOW FEATURING SELL!!!! (You can turn off listening for Sell signals if you want)
– Max of 2 bots per PowerTrader account now. You must register the api key for each bot on your account on the PowerTrader website before running Update 1.3!
– Fixed more potential areas of bad Kucoin data retreival
– Each process shows version number in a txt file
– Fix Listener from stopping randomly
– Adjustable RSI on both Strong Engines


Framework Patch 1.2.1

– No more fake or improper buys/sells from bad API data from Kucoin
– No more sell all amount randomly changing


Update 1.2

– Console directly on interface with buttons for the commands
– Today’s Trades Complete added next to Total Trades Complete
– Compound calculator
– Show profit for last month, week, day, and hour
– Start engine and dca engine
– New setting: On/Off for safemode profit margin cut
– import/export settings
– Average buy price on Coins In Trades
– DCA count for coins
– framework now recognizes which engine sent the buy trigger
– autostart all screens at droplet startup
– easy update! just make a new Coin Collector droplet, and tell the framework to transfer files from your old droplet! (There’s technically a few more steps to the update process but that can be found in the update instructions)
– General bug fixes

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