Droplet and Framework Setup

It is HIGHLY recommended to use a DigitalOcean Ubuntu Linux Droplet to run your bot and everything else. This will allow you to easily run everything 24/7 at a minimal cost! With that being the case, these instructions are specifically meant for DigitalOcean Ubuntu Linux Droplets, but can be used on other Ubuntu systems if you know what you are doing.

Enter these commands into your Droplet’s Console one at a time to setup Coin Collector:


wget https://powertrader.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/launcher.py

screen -S framework

python3 launcher.py


The Launcher will now start. Type 1 then press Enter. This will go through the Droplet Setup. Say Y every time it asks Y/N. At one point a colorful screen will display. Use your arrow keys to select the top option, then press Enter.

After Installation has finished, enter the commands below:

cd /var/www/html

python3 launcher.py


The Launcher will start again. This time type 2 then press Enter. This will go through the Framework Setup.

After the setup has finished, enter the command below:



It will require you to login with your PowerTrader info.

Next, follow the API connection setup on the next page.