Frequently Asked Questions

-What is PowerTrader?

PowerTrader is a group of crypto trading experts that send trades to your Kucoin Futures account to increase your Bitcoin.


-How do I set it up?

Please follow these instructions:


-How do I know if my account is connected to PowerTrader?

After following all the setup instructions properly, check your PowerTrader dashboard after 10 minutes. If you see “Account Not Connected” at the top, please follow the setup instructions again.


-Does PowerTrader only work on KuCoin Futures?



-Is KYC mandatory on KuCoin Futures?

Not for up to 5x leverage


What is the minimum investment for PowerTrader?

0.002 BTC


-How will I receive my returns?

You will receive your portion of the profit from each trade directly into your account on Kucoin Futures. Interest automatically compounds.


-What is the charge for using the service?

PowerTrader is free to start!
The users are billed for 25% of the profits generated by PowerTrader for them every month, which they have to pay manually via KuCoin Futures.
e.g., If PowerTrader makes you a profit of 1 BTC in a month, you pay us 0.25 BTC.


-How do I pay?

You can find monthly payment instructions here:


-Is there a referral program?

Not currently, and no plans to have one either


-Does PowerTrader ever place losing trades?

Extremely rarely, and they would only be small losses.


-How does PowerTrader trade on our behalf?

PowerTrader uses KuCoin Futures API only to get access to view and trade on your behalf. We DO NOT ask for Transfer permission on the API


-How long has PowerTrader been around?

Over a year.


-Can I withdraw my funds whenever I want?