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Bitcoin is one of the most valuable assets one can have nowadays! With this notion getting increasingly popular, no one would mind increasing their Bitcoin holdings. That’s where PowerTrader comes in with automated crypto trading! PowerTrader is a tool for everyone, from those who have little to no trading experience to experts.

PowerTrader is here so you don’t have to be.

What kind of results can I expect?

Just sit back and watch the trades happen, AUTOMATICALLY!

Your account will be receiving the same autotrades as the account shown below!

PowerTrader is your reliable long term-partner who just keeps yielding Bitcoin returns through automated crypto trading while you carry on with your life.

Easy setup makes PowerTrader a user friendly option and our linear and uncluttered process is suited for members from all walks of life trying to get into crypto.

We do all the work! No settings, no adjustments. Just invest and rest easy without having to worry about parameters and trading strategies.

PowerTrader is a lifetime investment partner. Our sole purpose is to make you a profit because only then do we make a profit.

The Go-To Source For Automated Crypto Trading

Our business model, our algorithm/software, and our mission are all centered around making a profit for our customers before we do ourselves.

Cryptocurrencies are just going to continue getting costlier in the future, so we are on a mission of enabling people to get into the crypto-scene in its relatively early stages so that they look back at PowerTrader as the BEST investment they ever made!

Step 1 - Create a Kucoin account

Please use our referral code when signing up!

Step 2 - Create your PowerTrader account

Step 3 - Connect your Kucoin account to your PowerTrader account

Simply connect your Kucoin account with API keys!


– Enable only General and Trade permissions!

– You will receive a monthly bill for PowerTrader’s 25% portion of the profits!

– PowerTrader has no ability to withdraw funds from your account!

– You are responsible for making your monthly payment!

The Founders

Meet The Team

Stephen Hughes

CEO/Trading Algorithm and Software Development

Stephen has spent his time as a sound engineer, backyard robot builder, aerospace student, coder, and many other things. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, he saw the advantages they offered over traditional trade-able assets and began work on his automated crypto trading software. After a couple years of research, design, trial, AND error, a solid trading algorithm was created. The rest is history…

Karan Pimpale

Marketing/Business Development

Karan is an I.T Engineer from Mumbai University, currently pursuing MBA in Marketing from a reputed college. Karan is new to the cryptocurrency scene but he has had ample experience in digital marketing because of his past work for NGO’s and digital marketing internships and he is mainly responsible for the same at PowerTrader.