Cryptocurrency is one of the most valuable assets one can have nowadays! With this notion getting increasingly popular, no one would mind increasing their holdings. That’s where PowerTrader comes in with automated crypto trading! PowerTrader is a tool for every trader no matter the trading style.

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The bot does all the work! Simply download it, set it up with your Kucoin Futures API info, then rest easy without having to worry about parameters and trading strategies (Unless you want to!).

PowerTrader is a lifetime investment partner. Our Standard Subscription gives you access to the Default settings on Bitcoin Builder, which is designed to safely grow your Bitcoin holdings indefinitely. Our Premium Subscription gives you adjustable settings on Bitcoin Builder AND access to our altcoin bot, Coin Collector!

The Go-To Source For Automated Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies are just going to continue getting costlier in the future, so we are on a mission of enabling people to get into the crypto-scene in its relatively early stages so that they look back at PowerTrader as the BEST investment they ever made!

Bitcoin Builder is time based DCA with bull run detection (longing). Coin Collector is jackpot style coin selection with price-based DCA. If you do not know what this stuff means, we do not recommend you use PowerTrader. PowerTrader’s bots are nothing more than tools. A tool must be used properly. There are always risks involved with trading and investments. You should still manage your portfolio, only run the bot when you feel it is safe to run it, and only invest what you are willing to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. We do not provide refunds. We are not providing investment advice. We are only providing software and subscriptions to use the software.