You can easily acquire your XLCR right here!

This is a full BSC Defi trading system, so feel free to do any BSC Defi trading you want with this tool!

We are using a portion of all PowerTrader membership fees and trading profits to make purchases of our XLCR Tokens and burning half of those tokens. Tokens used in our Voting System also get burned! In theory, this means the more members that join PowerTrader, the higher the price floor goes!

Neverending purchases and burns of XLCR = Excelsior Prices.

Max of $0.21 to transfer tokens with an average cost of $0.08 per transfer!

Will be used to fund PowerCamps and also be the local currency at all PowerCamps and other PowerTrader establishments!

We are also starting a real space program and will sell entry-level aerospace products to enable access to space for the common person.

Liquidity providers earn BNB/XLCR LP Tokens from any active trades done with XLCR!
When a user sells or buys on PancakeSwap there is a small fee for doing so, 0.17% of this fee is sent to anyone who contributes to the liquidity.

When you remove this Liquidity you get back your XLCR and BNB in addition to the new rewards!

Contract address:

1. Import our XLCR token to your wallet with the contract address (metamask wallet recommended)
2. Deposit BNB through bep20 network to your wallet
3. Buy XLCR here on this page or on PancakeSwap with the BNB in your wallet!!

You can view the price chart at Bogged.Finance, Dex Guru, or Poocoin!

Why did we choose the Binance Smart Chain Network?
Binance Smart Chain uses a node system rather than a mining system, so there are no bids on the transaction fees. This allows the fees to be roughly around $0.08 to a max of $0.21 rather than $70 to $1500 like you would see with Ethereum’s network.

PowerTrader’s Token (XLCR), will have a fixed supply of 7,777,777 tokens, with burns happening perpetually through various avenues.

The XLCR Token is launched on PancakeSwap as a Fair Launch.

The tokens can also be used in our Voting System for future updates and upgrades!

How is PowerTrader starting a Space Program with XLCR?
1. We will begin by selling our custom designed ArduRockets. These are customizable model rockets with Arduino controlled auto-gimballing fins (Basically the rocket version of our Coin Collector crypto trading bot). 50% of the profit from these rocket sales will be used to buy XLCR. Half of the XLCR that is bought will be burned, while the other half will remain in a company wallet for future use.

2. We will create extremely affordable and easy to use CubeSat kits that we will sell. 50% of the profit from these CubeSat sales will be used to buy XLCR. Half of the XLCR that is bought will be burned, while the other half will remain in a company wallet for future use. We will not begin selling CubeSat kits until we have had multiple successful weather balloon tests and a successful orbital launch. We plan on achieving an orbital launch by taking advantage of NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative program that grants free launches to certain CubeSats.

3. We will create a HAM radio based tracking and communication system for use by people that buy our CubeSat kits. Amateur radio operators around the world will be able to earn XLCR by connecting their radio systems to the XLCR CubeSat Network. This Network will allow people that buy CubeSat kits to simply use their phones to interact with their CubeSats in space, using the XLCR CubeSat Network as the internet/radio link between the phone and satellite.


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