Alerts Companion Setup

Alert Companion Download Instructions For Linux/DigitalOcean Droplet

Enter these commands one at a time to setup Alert Companion:

screen -S alerts

cd /var/www/html



The Launcher will now start. Type 4 then press Enter. This will go through the Alerts Companion installation. After the launcher finishes installation, enter this command:



It will require you to login with your PowerTrader info.

Next, go to Telegram, and start a conversation with @botfather.

Say /newbot

Give your bot a name

Give your bot a username

Click the username link to your bot given to you by Botfather and then start a conversation.

Copy the Token from Botfather, and paste it into Alert Companion, then press enter twice. Alert Companion will start up.

You will now receive alerts straight to your Telegram when your bot makes a trade!