Telegram Signals Listener Setup

Our Telegram Signals Listener currently works with the following Signal Providers:


Setup Instructions:

1. Go to the Console on your User Interface

2. Login to droplet (Username: root   |   Password: whatever you created when you made the Droplet)

3. Open button menu

4. View Signals Listener

5. Login with your PowerTrader info.

6. Next, go to Telegram, and start a conversation with @botfather.

7. Say /newbot

8. Give your bot a name

9. Give your bot a username

10. Copy the Token from Botfather, and paste it into the Signal Listener on the Console, then press enter. Signal Listener will start up.

11. Have your signal provider invite your Listener bot to their channel. After that, their signals will be TOTALLY automated to your Kucoin acct through Coin Collector! YOU MUST HAVE telegramsignalslistener AS EITHER YOUR START ENGINE, DCA ENGINE, OR BOTH!!!!