Framework Settings and Explanation

Next it will ask if you want to use saved settings. Enter N.

“Standard” settings:

Buy Amount – 0.1
Safemode Start Point – 50
Profit Margin – 1.0
Profit Separation – 50
Mode – A
List of coins to avoid – (Leave blank unless you have your own preferences)

OR if you want the bot to only trade specific coins, enter T for the Mode, and then list out the coins you want it to trade!


Coin Collector Trading Settings Explanation

  1. Buy Amount: The percent of the trading account value to put into each buy order. For example, if you have 1000 USDT in your trading account, and a Buy Amount of .1, Coin Collector will put 1 USDT into each coin it buys.
  2. Safemode Start Point: When the percent of your account value that is in trades goes above this value, the bot will only place Buy orders for DCA, instead of starting new trades on currently untraded coins.
  3. Profit Margin: This is the percent difference between how much USDT was put into a coin versus how much it needs to be valued to sell and take profit. With a Buy Amount of 1, a Profit Margin of 1 means the value of each coin in your holdings must go up to 1.01 usdt to sell and take profit. This setting automatically adjusts itself, but the user can set a starting point or change it whenever they want.
  4. Profit Separation: Percent of the profit from each trade to be moved to your Main account on Kucoin. This allows you to compound your Trading account while also gathering USDT in your Main account for other uses.
  5. Trade-Only List or Avoidance List: Trade-Only List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins to trade and it will only trade those specific coins. Avoidance List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins NOT to trade, and it will trade every coin possible except those specific coins.
  6. Enter coins to avoid (can be left blank to trade all coins) or trade-only.



– Once you pass that part Coin Collector Framework will start running. Next time you start Coin Collector Framework, type Y when it asks about using saved API info and saved settings, and you won’t have to re-enter your keys or preferred settings!

Now, hold the CTRL button and press the ‘a’ key, then release CTRL and press the ‘d’ key