Framework Settings and Explanation

Coin Collector Trading Settings Explanation

Start Engine(s): The Engine(s) that tell the Framework when to buy a coin to start a new trade. If a coin is already in trade, the Framework will ignore these Engines.
Available choices:
always_buy (If used, must be only Engine on the Start Engine setting)

DCA Engine(s): The Engine(s) that tell the framework when to buy a coin, if it is eligible for DCA. If a coin is not in an active trade or the active trade is not eligible for DCA, the Framework will ignore these Engines.
Available choices:
always_buy (If used, must be only Engine on the DCA Engine setting)

Buy Amount: The percent of the trading account value to put into each buy order. For example, if you have 1000 USDT in your trading account, and a Buy Amount of 0.1, Coin Collector will put 1 USDT into each coin it buys.

Percent of Dynamic Buy Amounts to use: This setting is only applicable if using the Telegram Signals Listener as an engine along with a Signal Provider that sends a specific Buy Amount for each trade. This lets you control how much of that Buy Amount to use, that way you can increase or decrease risk/reward versus the standard of the signals.

Loss Percent for DCA: When a trade loses this much value, percentage-wise, the bot will add another Buy to the trade to average down the combined Buy prices so it can sell at a lower price and still make profit.

DCA Loss Multiplier On/Off: Turn the DCA Loss multiplier ON or OFF. If OFF, DCA Loss % stays at your setting. If ON, DCA Loss % is multiplied by how many previous buys have been put into the coin (dca_loss_setting x coin’s_buy_count).

Multiplier Expander On/Off: This setting makes the DCA Loss increase more each time it increases from the Multiplier (Multiplier_formula x coin’s_buy_count)

Max DCA Loss Percent for Multiplier: This is the maximum allowable DCA Loss that the DCA Loss Multiplier is allowed to reach. It will move no further than this point.

DCA Power Amount Multiplier ON/OFF: This setting change the buy amount for DCA orders from your regular buy amount to instead be USDT_already_in_coin x DCA_power. This drastically increases the effectiveness of DCA, but at the same time it will use up available funds faster.

DCA Power: This is the Multiplier used for the DCA Power system

Safemode Start Point: When the percent of your account value that is in trades goes above this value, the bot will only place Buy orders for DCA, instead of starting new trades on currently untraded coins.

Profit Margin: This is the percent difference between how much USDT was put into a coin versus how much it needs to be valued to sell and take profit. With a Buy Amount of 1, a Profit Margin of 1 means the value of each coin in your holdings must go up to 1.01 usdt to sell and take profit.

Trailing Profit Margin On/Off: This allows the profit margin on each individual coin to automatically increase as the price increases, and then once the price drops back down to your auto-raise profit margin, the trade sells for even more profit than it would at the normal Profit Margin!

% of Price Increase over Profit Margin before Trailing starts: The Profit Margin will not start automatically raising until the price has gone this much percent above the current Profit Margin for the coin.

Multi-Coin Profit Margin On/Off: Multi-Coin profit margin only goes into affect when multiple coins are above its profit margin. This lets you still close trades when there is a small market boost, but not enough to hit your full profit margin.

Multi-Coin Profit Margin Percent: Same thing as regular profit margin, but for multiple coins at once (This is to be set the same or lower than your regular profit margin).

Number of coins for Multi-Coin Profit Margin Eligibility: How many coins have to be above the Multi-Coin Profit Margin before it sells those coins.

Auto Sell-All On/Off: Lets you turn the Auto Sell-All function On or Off.

% Gain for Auto Sell All Reset: The percent of gain needed on the Trading Account value to initiate an in-profit Auto Sell All Reset. This locks in profit to your Trading Account value and lets the bot start from scratch with new trades, getting rid of potentially bad ones while maintaining profit.

Stop Trading After Auto Sell All On/Off: This setting pauses your bot after an Auto Sell All Reset so no new trades start. You can simply unpause your bot to make it start trading again.

Profit Separation: Percent of the profit from each trade to be moved to your Main account on Kucoin. This allows you to compound your Trading account while also gathering USDT in your Main account for other uses.

Trade-Only List or Avoidance List: Trade-Only List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins to trade and it will only trade those specific coins. Avoidance List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins NOT to trade, and it will trade every coin possible except those specific coins.

If in Avoidance mode, enter coins to avoid (can be left blank to trade all coins).

If in Trade-Only mode, these are the settings you will see:

Auto-Change Trade-Only List: This will automatically put only the highest 24hour volume coins on your Trade-Only list. If you turn this Off, you will be asked for the coins to put on your Trade-Only list, and then you will be asked which coin you want Profit Separations put into.

Choose number of coins for Trade-Only list: The Auto-Chooser will not allow more than this many coins to be traded at once. If a coin ends up not being a top volume coin anymore, the auto-chooser will keep that coin on your list until any active trades complete (So it can DCA if necessary) and THEN it will remove that coin from the Trade-Only list.

Choose coins to skip: The Auto-Chooser will never choose any coins you put on your Skip List.

Profit Sep Coin Control On/Off: Lets the bot automatically choose which coin profit separations get put into based on 24 hr volume. If you turn this off, you will then be asked which coin you want Profit Separations put into.

Choose top volume position for Profit Sep Coin Choice: You can enter 1 to choose the highest volume coin, or 2 to choose the 2nd highest volume coin, and so on.




– Once you pass that part in setting up the Framework, Framework will start running. Next time you start Coin Collector Framework, type Y when it asks about using saved API info and saved settings, and you won’t have to re-enter your keys or preferred settings!


Example settings (Not investment advice):

Start Engine(s): neural
DCA Engine(s): always_buy
Buy Amount: 1.0
Percent of Dynamic to use: 100
Loss Percent For DCA: 7.5
DCA Loss Multiplier On/OFF: ON
Multiplier Expander On/Off: ON
Max DCA Loss Percent For Multiplier: 50
DCA Power amount multiplier ON/OFF: ON
DCA Power: 2.0
Safemode Start Point: 25
Percent of Profit Margin: 0.5
Trailing Profit Margin: OFF
% of Increase Over Profit Margin: 0.0
Multi-Coin Profit Margin: ON
Multi-Coin Profit Margin Percent: 0.25
Number of coins for Multi-Coin Profit Margin Eligibility: 3
Auto Sell All On/Off: ON
Percent Gain for Auto Sell All Reset: 0.5
Stop Trading After Auto Sell All On/Off: OFF
Percent of profit separation: 25
Mode – T
Auto-Change Trade-Only List: ON
Choose number of coins for Trade-Only list: 10
Choose coins to skip: LUNA LUNC
Profit Sep Coin Control: OFF
Choose coin for Profit Separations: BNB

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