What Is PowerTrader's Coin Collector?

PowerTrader’s Coin Collector is a powerful Automated Crypto Trading Bot.


The Coin Collector Software Suite includes multiple pieces of software that work together:

– Coin Collector Algorithm Engines (OPEN SOURCE! Tells the Framework which coins to buy and when to buy them)

– The Coin Collector Framework (Handles all order placing, some proprietary DCA techniques, as well as tracking open trades and profit)

– A Graphic User Interface that can be accessed over the internet using any browser on any device

– An Android app for quickly accessing the Interface

– A telegram bot that provides trade alerts


PowerTrader’s Coin Collector Crypto Trading Bot requires the Framework and at least 1 Engine to be running. You can use multiple engines simultaneously, and even customize or create your own with our Open Source Engines!

Coin Collector runs on a DigitalOcean Droplet. You can find our Droplet on their Marketplace!

Coin Collector uses the USDT in your Trading account on Kucoin, so make sure your account is funded before starting the bot!