Software Update Instructions

Every so often, we release software updates. These updates fix bugs, add new features, and upgrade or update existing features. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do these updates.


To update:

1. Pause your bot and log out of the Interface. If you are using the Android app, also press Change Droplet IP after logging out

2. Create a new Coin Collector Droplet on DigitalOcean

3. Access the console through DigitalOcean

4. Do command: cd /var/www/html

5. Do command: python3

6. Login with PowerTrader info

7. Once the process finishes, close the console window

8. Go to the User Interface for your NEW droplet, login, then access the console with the button at the top of the page

9. Login to droplet (Username: root   |   Password: whatever you created when you made the new Droplet)

10. Open button menu

11. View Framework

12. Login

13. Choose Y to Transfer Files from Another Droplet, then give it the IP address of your OLD droplet

14. After file transfer completes, finish starting Framework (DO NOT REDO API…), and then once it is continuously scrolling, press the “Go back to main screen” button

15. View an Engine you want to run, input PowerTrader username, then go back to main screen and repeat for any other Engines you want to use

16. Get Alerts Companion running if you want it then go back to main screen

17. Press the “Set file permissions after update” button, then close the console popup window, and review your bot’s settings on the interface

18. Destroy the OLD Droplet on DigitalOcean