XLCR Roadmap


– Create Coin Collector crypto trading bot

– Release XLCR

– Get to 100 XLCR holders

– Create WaveRider Futures Bot



– Create Mini_CC bot

– Get to 1,000 XLCR Holders

– Create a Linux Installer so users dont have to rely solely on DigitalOcean

– Create a Trade Signal Provider Marketplace where Signal Providers can showcase the gains made by their signals by using our trading bots. PowerTrader will charge a signup and membership fee for Signal Providers to join the Marketplace. This will generate income for XLCR



– Get to 10,000 XLCR holders and more

– Start PowerCamps all over the world

– Create extremely affordable and easy to use CubeSat kits that we will sell. A portion of the profit from these CubeSat sales will be used to buy XLCR. Half of the XLCR that is bought will be burned. We will not begin selling CubeSat kits until we have had multiple successful weather balloon tests and at least one successful orbital launch. We plan on achieving an orbital launch by taking advantage of NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative program that grants free launches to certain CubeSats.

– Create a Technology History museum. Use a portion of the profit to buy XLCR Tokens. Half of those tokens then get burned, and the other half goes into a company account for future use.

– And infinitely more possibilities!

PowerTrader’s Coin Collector bot and WaveRider Futures Hedging Bot are nothing more than tools, and you are FULLY responsible for using these tools properly. There are always risks involved with trading and investments. You should still manage your portfolio, only run the bots when you feel it is safe to run them, and only invest what you are willing to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. We do not provide refunds. We do not provide reimbursements for any matter. We are not providing investment advice. We are only providing software and subscriptions to use the software.