Coin Collector Setup and Usage Instructions

Short Version

Step 1 – Create a Kucoin account

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Sign Up For Kucoin


Step 2 – Create your PowerTrader account


Step 3 – Activate Your PowerTrader Premium Subscription

You can activate your Premium Subscription here after creating your PowerTrader account.

Premium Subscriptions are only $25/month, and give you access to Coin Collector AND adjustable settings on Bitcoin Builder!


Step 4 – Download And Connect Coin Collector

You can download Coin Collector from here after creating your PowerTrader account.

Afterwards, simply connect your Kucoin account to Coin Collector with API keys!

– Enable ONLY General and Trade permissions!

 PowerTrader has no ability to withdraw funds from your account!

– Your API info is saved directly on your computer and we have no access to it!

Coin Collector Setup and Usage Instructions

Full Version

Download Instructions For Windows

Please follow every single instruction precisely. If it doesn’t work after setting it up, please follow the instructions again.

– Right click the correct version for your computer below:

Download Coin Collector for Windows

Download Coin Collector for Ubuntu Linux

Download Coin Collector Telegram Alert Companion for Windows

Download Coin Collector Telegram Alert Companion for Linux

– Select “Save as…”

– Navigate into your C:/Program Files folder (On Windows) or just, create a new folder titled “PowerTrader” or anything you like.

– Open this new folder, save the file there. Don’t move the file from this location once things are fully setup or you will have to set it up again.

– Activate your PowerTrader Premium Subscription by going to the Dashboard page and purchasing time.

Please allow about 5 minutes for our system to process your payment. You can refresh this page and if you see the number of days you have purchased up at the top then your subscription has been activated. Once your subscription has been activated, you can move to this next section: API and bot setup.

– Open your file explorer and navigate to the folder where the bot file was saved

– To start Coin Collector, double click the exe file. A black window will pop up asking for your PowerTrader username.


Linux/Raspberry Pi/DigitalOcean One Time Setup Commands

Enter these commands into your terminal one at a time:

screen -S alts


chmod u+x PowerTraderCoinCollectorLinux



After entering the last command above, Coin Collector will start up.



Linux/Raspberry Pi/DigitalOcean Commands

You will commonly use these commands after you have done the One Time Setup Commands.

To return to the ‘screen’ you Started with the screen -S alts command from One Time Setup:
screen -r alts

To back out of the ‘screen’:
Hold down CTRL while pressing ‘a’ and then let go of the CTRL button and press ‘d’


API Setup Instructions

– Start Coin Collector

– Type your username, then press Enter.

– Enter your PowerTrader password

– After successful login, it will ask if you want to use saved API info.

– Type N

– Press Enter

– Now you will open a browser window, and go to

– Login if you are not already logged in

– If you have never created an API key for Kucoin, you will have to deal with some one time security stuff on this API page. This process varies from person to person so instructions for this part are not included here.

– You should see this on the API page. Fill it in.


– After that, scroll down and check General and Trade permissions, and No IP Restriction, then hit the Next button.


– Do the security stuff.

– Copy down the Key and Secret. You will need these for the bot. Make sure you get the Secret NOW because you will not be able to see it again.


– After you have copied down the Key AND Secret, press the Confirm button.


– Now go back to the bot and enter in each API thing as it asks for it. Passphrase first, then Secret, finally Key.

– Once you pass that part, enter your desired bot settings, and Coin Collector will start running. Next time you start Coin Collector, type Y when it asks about using saved API info!


– You are finished with API setup!


Settings Explanation

  1. Buy Amount: The amount of USDT to put into each coin. Not recommended to go below about 0.50 USDT, but also, smaller numbers allow easier diversification for smaller account balances.
  2. DCA Start Value: This is the percentage of the original value of USDT put into a coin where the bot would add more funds to the coin the average down the potential sell price for easier order completion on tougher trades. Example: Using a Buy Amount of 1, a DCA Start Value of 75 would mean holdings for a coin would need to drop in value from 1 usdt to 0.75 usdt for Coin Collector to add another 1 usdt to average down the position.
  3. Auto-Increase Buy Amount: When Coin Collector has put your Buy Amount into every coin it can and it starts having a stockpile of USDT, you can set it to automatically increase your Buy Amount. It increases by 0.50 USDT each increase. If you have 1 USDT in each coin and your Buy Amount Auto-Increases, Coin Collector will start adding 0.50 USDT to each coin to make up the difference between the current new increased Buy Amount and the previous Buy Amount.
  4. Profit Margin: This is the percent difference between how much USDT was put into a coin versus how much it needs to be valued to sell and take profit. With a Buy Amount of 1, a Profit Margin of 1 means the value of each coin in your holdings must go up to 1.01 usdt to sell and take profit (Works like a Stop order, must be hit from above to below, not below to above, to allow for Trailing Margin).
  5. Trailing Margin: If the current value of your holdings in a coin go over the Trailing Margin percent above your Profit Margin, then your profit margin gets raised to the Trailing Margin percent below the current value.
  6. Profit Separation: Percent of the profit from each trade to be moved to your Main account on Kucoin. This allows you to compound your Trading account while also gathering USDT in your Main account for other uses.
  7. Trade-Only List or Avoidance List: Trade-Only List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins to trade and it will only trade those specific coins. Avoidance List lets you tell Coin Collector which coins NOT to trade, and it will trade every coin possible except those specific coins.

Coin Collector is nothing more than a tool. A tool must be used properly. There are always risks involved with trading and investments. You should still manage your portfolio, only run Coin Collector when you feel it is safe to run it, and only invest what you are willing to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. We do not provide refunds. We are not providing investment advice. We are only providing software and subscriptions to use the software.