Account Creation

Step 1 – Create a Kucoin account

This is where your crypto will be held and traded.

Please use our referral code when signing up to receive 20% off trade fees on Kucoin!

Sign Up For Kucoin

Coin Collector uses the USDT in your Trading account on Kucoin to make trades. Please deposit USDT into your Trading account now.


Step 2 – Create a Coin Collector droplet on DigitalOcean

This is the cloud computer where your bot will be running.

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When creating a Droplet, search the Marketplace for Coin Collector by


You only need the $5/month droplet to run Coin Collector.


After your droplet is created, go to it’s console.


Step 3 – Create your PowerTrader account

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We will NEVER sell or give out your information!


Step 4 – Activate Your PowerTrader Membership

You can activate your Membership here after creating your PowerTrader account. Cost is only $100 for a Lifetime Membership!


Step 5 – Setup Your Coin Collector Trading Bot

Follow our full and detailed setup instructions here.