How do I deposit more money into the bot?

To avoid having the bot automatically do a sell all reset when you deposit money, please follow the process below:

1. Edit settings, toggle the text boxes, and raise auto sell all gain to some crazy high number such as 1000000
2. Deposit usdt into trading acct
3. Let framework run through the cycle of updating the charts and data
4. Lower auto sell all gain (using the text box, not the slider) setting until the yellow “sell all target” line is down to the blue “all complete” line on account value graphs. To do this, remove a 0 from the sell all gain, save settings, see how close the yellow and blue lines are, then edit settings again, take another 0 off, save, then check the lines again. Repeat this process until they are close. Once they get close, stop just removing 0s and starting actually lowering the number, save, check lines, and repeat until the yellow and blue lines touch.